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Products: Snap Fasteners

Sew-On Snaps

12 Gross of 2 pieces per box. That's 1728 of each piece. For jackets, shirts, etc. 4 hole snap. There are 2 pieces that come with this. ...


Snap Fastener

Comprising of a cap, stud & base, the new Stayput Snap Fastener is the corrosion free alternative to conventional metal press studs / durables. It has been designed primarily for marine use where fabric needs to be attached to a solid surface, but is ...


Snap Fastener Buttons -24 Ligne

Rochford Supply now carries buttons in a variety of colors so you can match your fabric.

100 pieces per bag. Used with socket, eyelet and stud to form industrial snaps. Used to fasten material together or snap fasten material to hard su ...


Snap Fastener Eyelet - Long

For use when fastening thicker material such as berber carpeting. 100 per box. Nickel. 11/32" stem. ...


Snap Fastener Eyelets

Standard length (1/4" stem) nickel eyelet used for most material to material snap applications. Used with socket, button and stud to form industrial snaps. Commonly used to fasten down boat covers. Attach 2 different fabrics with this piece and these ...


Snap Fastener Gypsy Stud

Used when attaching stud to screw stud, for stacking or double layering material. 100 Per Bag. Nickel.

Use our Gypsy Stud Die along w ...


Snap Fastener Sockets (Hard Action)

For when you want an extra firm hold. Snap fasteners with hard action sockets snap off less easily for when you want a more permanent hold. 100 per bag. Nickel ...


Snap kit for fabric - 25pc

Includes all 4 pieces (25 of each 1825, 1830, 1840, and 1845) needed to snap two pieces of fabric together. Marine grade, corrosion resistant nickel/brass. ...


Snap kit w/ screw stud - 25pc

Includes all 3 pieces (25 each of 1825, 1830, and 1850) needed to snap fabric such as a boat cover to a surface. Marine grade, corrosion resistant nickel/brass. ...


Socket (Best Seller)

Normal Action Socket, 100 per box. Nickel..These are also available in stainless steel. To attach fabric to a boat use this along with these parts:


Stud - Low Base

Low base stud for riveting and screwing to hard surface. Has a lower center which is level with the bottom. Works well for thicker fabrics.

Use with



Stud, 100 per bag. Connect 2 different fabrics together with this and these other 3 pieces: Eyelets,


YKK® SNAD® 40mm Adhesive Domed Stud

YKK® SNAD® 40mm Adhesive Backed Domed Stud - No tool, no wait, no splits, no hole!

Unlike traditional metal screw studs used for marine applications, these 3M adhesive backed fasteners will not snag clothing or deteriorate from exposure to ...


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