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Products: Stayput Fasteners

Attachment Knob

The Attachment Knob is designed to accept 6mm shock cord. The knob is extremely strong and well made with a smooth and rounded matt finish. As with all other Stayput products, it is also available in Black or White, and is ideal for use with the Stay ...


Dome Hook

The Stayput Dome Hook is the latest addition to the Stayput Fastener range. The low profile Dome Hook minimizes the risk of being a tripping or snagging hazard when not in use, while still providing a secure anchor point. The Stayput Dome Hook accept ...


Horizontal Fastener

This is the most popular Stayput model. The Stayput Horizontal Fastener is the most universal product. It is designed to attach fabric to almost any solid structure.

Intended to work with 3/8" grommet installed in fabric such as:


Shock Cord Hook

The Stayput Shock Cord Hook combines several key features which set it apart from others on the market. The hooks main features are; The smooth rounded surfaces with no sharp edges to cut into the rope or elastic cord. The narrower opening at the end ...


Shock Cord Knob with Cap

The Shock Cord Knob with Cap is suited to any application where a standard Stayput shock cord knob would be used. The key difference is that we have deepened the countersink and added a neat fitting cap to cover the screw or rivet that is used to sec ...


Snap Fastener

Comprising of a cap, stud & base, the new Stayput Snap Fastener is the corrosion free alternative to conventional metal press studs / durables. It has been designed primarily for marine use where fabric needs to be attached to a solid surface, but is ...


Tent Wall Hook

The Tent Wall Hook is designed to hang marquee/tent walls from a rope or wire. It is simply fixed directly to the fabric using a backing plug and does not require the use of an eyelet or any special tools. As with the shock cord loop the Tent Wall Ho ...


Ultimate Shock Cord Clip

The Ultimate Shock Cord Clip is a unique clip with a design that yields several benefits:

-Simple installation in varying thicknesses of fabric without the need for any special tools.

-A greater contact area with the fabric reduces th ...


Vertical Fastener

While the Stayput Vertical Fastener can be used similarly to the Horizontal model, it is specifically designed to attach to narrow vertical structures such as posts. When used on the vertical edges of fabric the vertical model will be better hidden. ...


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