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Upholstery Accessories Springs and Accessories

Products: Springs and Accessories

Coil Springs

The springs are 9 gauge and are made for seats. The function of the springs in upholstered furniture is to absorb shock and give added resilience to the seat.

Also available in bulk. Call for pricing. ...


Edge Wire (3 Prong) Clips

#3-2 and 3 prong edge wire clips. Center of 3-2 prongs separate wire and prevent edge wire from riding on top of coil. 1 1/4" long. Use


Edge Wire (Border Wire)

Tempered edge wire to keep spring edge straight and uniform. Use with edge wire clip and attach to coil spring to complete a spring edge. UPS shippable. New and improved. Note: not wrapped in paper.



EK Clip No-Sag Spring

This 4-hole EK clip is used for back and seat construction. 7/8” wide with no-squeak liner. Use to attach no-sag spring to wooden rail. Here are the


EK Nails

7/8" EK Nail is used to permanently fasten zig zag clips to wooden furniture rails. 14-gauge with countersunk head. Use these with the


Osborne #404 Spring End Former

Crimps the end of zig-zag springs and opens end coil springs. A tough tool to make work easy. Comes with three bolts and nuts. Bolt to corner of bench or #1 block no more than 5" from edge of bench. Can be used in a vise. 5/16" holes drilled 1-3/ ...


Platform Rocker Spring

8-gauge. Keeps rocker from reclining too far back. Very stable. Sold as pair only. ...


Rubber Webbing Clips

V-Clip 2” wide. 50 pieces per box.

Attach the metal clips to the frame and then insert the webbing into the clip. Pull the webbing a little so the teeth in the clip can stick into webbing. Then nail or screw the clips closed. Use this w ...


Spring Units (Marshall Units)

Inner spring cushion units are to be wrapped with 3 layers of cotton with the final wrap with Dacron so you can stuff inside casing. These spring units are composed of 13 gauge springs, attached with hog rings, sewn into ...


Torsion Springs

Attach to edge wire to strengthen spring steel. The springs each come out 4" from the center...The opening is 6" across. These are sold in a minimum of 5 pieces online. ...


Zig-Zag Springs

Bottom seat springs for furniture that give more comfort than webbing alone! Use zig-zag springs for uniform consistency and form. For use in furniture benching, automotive and truck seating. There is a minimum order quantity of 10 for the 9 gauge sp ...


Zig-Zag Springs Cut

9 Gauge. 16 1/2" long. Per cut to fit restaurant booths. ...


Klinch-It Fasteners

For joining coil springs to webbing. Quick and easy. Saves you time and money by eliminating the need to sew springs to webbing.

Must be used with the Klinch-it Tool:


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